Carters Product Photography

David Carter creates and makes still life e commerce product photography in his Lake District photographic studio and Carters workshops.

Davids contact number is 015395 32815 Text 077 9596 4234 or email:

product photography of ceramic teapot and cups
(“Blue Moon Rising-Ceramic Teapot and Cups”)

Skilled Hands and Ideas

Many of the products that make there way through his skilled hands and come under his “picture gaze” are made from ceramic, wood, metal, plastics or paper.

Making Everyday Items Look Special

These are “The Pictures of Our Life”. Items often shown in a product shoot that we see and use, the delicate and beautiful, the ornamental and decorative, the soft and sentimental, the functional and the very familiar and the things that take our breath away and smile.

They are the products that we surround ourselves with in daily life.

product photography of leather-black wallet cover
Fabulous Embossed Black leather front cover for Amazon and EBay sales.
Classic Black shoes on a reflective surface
Summer teapot and cups
Clean and fresh Summer teapot and cups

Interested ?

If you would like to use Carters for your product photography in the UK please make contact on
015395 32815 or text 0779596 4234 or EM
and together we can agree the “How and When” and identify the likely costs involved before any work takes place.

YOUR Product Photography is Important

That is why your product photography is important . We create sales from these product photographs every day, 24 hours a day. Once the investment is made the rewards keep on coming.

Your ideas for Product Photography ?

Each item we receive for photography is handled with care and photographed in our Lake District photo studio to the client’s work brief, “style bible”, mood board or even as to something so incidental as the back of the cigarette packet or beer mat idea .

Each and every creative stimulus is a clue to that final unique photographic image. Within the studio, products can be photographed against white backgrounds, dark grounds and with the possible introduction of props as contextual “lifestyle images”.
To see how we might be able to help you realise your product’s potential or simply use the contact details in the section below.


Eric-Santa’s snowman takes a Christmas walk.


Eric-Santa’s snowman with the Christmas Reindeer children.