Welcome to Carters

COVID-19 has caused massive disruption to all of us. I’d like to reassure customers that the studio/ workshop is open but under strict isolation protocols.  Deliveries and despatch are outside the building at distance and everything is shipped in cardboard.

Product shot of Christmas Snowman finding the little red reindeer
Product shot of Eric ( Santas Snowman) out for a walk with Rolf and Rebecca ( Rudolphs children ) finds The Little Red Reindeer lost and cold in the snow.

If you would like to send items in for photography please make contact and together we can agree the “How and When”. On completion of the project we can safely store in the unit until this thing is over or return by ccourier as required.

David Carter

David Carter photographs in his small Lake District studio/workshops the everyday items we see and use, the delicate the ornamental the sentimental,the functional and the familiar.

Still life product shot of paper and ceramic items
“Love You Son”

Carter is an experienced business operator who understands that product photography is an “investment” not an expense.

Invest in Your Belief

Perhaps an investment in your belief that the product image you show to the world will sell your product today, tomorrow and the next day even next year … The image goes on giving, giving and giving and these days it’s produced flexible enough in sizes to “give” over a wide range of media.

Product Energy by Demand

If the product imagery was considered as a everyday working expense that we use and discard it would have no value.

Like the energy we consume in our daily lives, once used it’s gone but good images keep coming back re energised by sales demand..

Product photograph of a plastic horse against a dark background
Product Shot of a plastic item photographed against a dark background and reflective surface

Previous Success

Carters already owns  a successful manufacturing business whose clients include four of the premier English institutions of our national constitutional and monarchical  life. Carters brief: as always been to make things look better, look worth having, perhaps something to treasure and possibly keep.

Product Photograph of three plastic horses in the sun
Product Still Life Photograph of a group of plastic horses photographed against white on a reflective surface

Sport and Success

In previous years Carters have supplied four of the nations premier golf institutions including the Celtic Manor and a four of Jockey Club racecourses, including Newmarket and Chester.

Carters provided assemblies for the Queens Jubilee, the Paralympics , the Queens Birthday and a number of our national and regional sporting events including Test Matches and Rugby Union finals. The point is Carters are no stranger to pressure or performing at a high level.

Carters Product stot motorcycle gloves
Detail of a still life product shot of leather motorcycle gloves showing re inforced fingers and knuckle areas.

Carters – A Purpose

In 2020 David Carter brings his considerable years of proven , careful detailed attitude and delivered business ability to a new arena of photographic E Commerce driven presentation work.

Carter and Your Products

Carters  aim is simple . We take an everyday or special item hat you wish to sell to others and we treat it like gold dust.

We look after it safely, we talk to it, we handle it with all the care of a new born baby. Then we clean it, we polish it, we place it at the best possible angle in the best possible light and we photograph it.

The nut, the bolt, the plastic horse, the ceramic reindeer, the wood, the old leather all come through our studio and at some point in “dream time” in the middle of the night ideas like “Lost- Little Red Reindeer” turn into product sequences of reality.

We can’t be or do everything – “a jack of all trades” , there are far better people with far better kit who can do cosmetics, food and drink.

Still Life Product Shot of a metal Fudge Tin
Product Still Life of a decorated metal tin photographed against a white background

In 2020, so now before the major computerised  kit investment of 2021, we can provide a quality image service with enough experience and “oomph” behind it to avoid “the negative”. 

Carters try at every stage to remove “the negative ” usually dressed up in the reasons why a project based on the visual can’t work.

If the client axes a project because of changing budget priorities that’s one thing but poor timing, bad work or dust is our “the negative” and we do everything we can to stop that happening.