David Carter is the “go to” enthusiastic horse owner of Carters Mounts and Carters Product Photography.

Carters Mounts is a Lake District based company started 36 years ago in a concrete shed in the garden Today in 20 Carters Mounts provide presentational assemblies to four of the Royal Palaces, Carters also service The Celtic Manor, Newmarket, Chester, Bangor and Weatherby Racecourses and a host of blue chip national companies and photographers who take bespoke presentational products for sales and marketing in volume.

Carters Product Photography follows the same business model . The product photography market is hugely oversubscribed with the elite concentrating on cosmetics, drink, and watches.

In the same way that Carters Mounts created it’s own “niche” to be best in class Carters Product Photography strives to do the same with a proven approach and a capacity to work.

Carters concentrate on the functional, the useful, the beautiful, the everyday. These are the items we surround ourselves with everyday which make our environment, our living spaces very special.

Ceramic Christmas snowmen, wood, paper, metal, plastic and soft toy one eared elephants.. These are the items we photograph.. this is Carters..