Carters Product Photography make images of Teapots for web site sales and E Commerce applications

Eggs for Breakfast
Farm Eggs for Breakfast

The large, the functional the working day type found on the farm kitchen table at 5am in the morning before milking.

The more refined, afternoon tea type with sculpted form and superb curves of delicacy. A “Bettys of Harrogate” type with piano in the background.

teapot on the windersill
Teapot windowsill
Summer teapot and cups
(Summer teapot and cups)

Whether in position on the window sill in the morning light or laid out on the table the teapot is a heart of English living.

If you have a Teapot collection that needs recording with product photography please call/text David Carter on 07796954234 for day rates and COVID 19 inbound protocols.

We can collect by courier but it is really important that great care is taken with protective packaging. before sending product in.