Ceramics Product Photography

Teapot, cup and saucer against a black background
Product shot of a ceramic teapot , milk jug , cup and saucer against a dark background on a reflective surface.

Carters photo studio 80 miles North and West of Manchester on the edge of the Lake District enjoy and delight in creating commercial ceramic product photography.

The above is a good example of a “detail” close up of ceramic items photographed against a dark background on a reflective surface to emphasis curve and form.

From this photograph the studio would then produce photographs to give a much more detailed view(s) of the features of the product.

Perhaps a left, right shot, top, angled shots to give much more visual information to the prospective buyer.

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ceramic grouping of teapots and cups
Ceramic teapot and cups against a coloured background
product shot of mixed paper and china objects
Mothers Day photograph of personal gifts between Mother and son

Couple of examples of the broader photography shot with increasingly more product items added . Notice both sets of products are photographed against a white background to give a clean, precise, sharp impression to generate product desire within the customer which hopefully leads to a e commerce sale..

three -ceramic pieces
Three ceramic pieces showing size and scale.
Meta,l, ceramic and paper still life.
Mixed ceramic, paper and metal items

Both of these show different elements of showcasing products.

The photograph to the left shows the variety of interest you can create by mixing up sizes of product from the tall to the very small and delicate.

The photograph to the right has the products being placed right to the foreground of the picture. Again both would be complimented by individual product shots under good studio lighting to accentuate different aspects of the products form from different angles.

That is why good product photography is important. Carters Product Photography