Ceramic Images

Product Photography- Ceramics

Teapot, cup and saucer against a black background
Product shot of a ceramic teapot , milk jug , cup and saucer against a dark background on a reflective surface.

Good example of a “detail” close up of ceramic items photographed against a dark background to emphasis curve and form. From this point you would then go to a much broader view of the features of the product set, perhaps the whole dinner set.

China Tea pot and four cups and saucers
Ceramic Teapot with four china cups against a Laura Ashley Honeysuckle tablecloth
product shot of mixed paper and china objects
Mothers Day Product Shot of highly personal gifts between Mother and son

Couple of examples of the broader shot with increasingly more items added . Notice both photographed against white to give a cleaner impression.

two ceramic vases and a teacup
Still Life Product Photography of three pieces of china of different sizes and shapes against a white background
Still Life product photograph of a china swan with a bouqet of flowers seemingly swimming on a reflective surface

Both of these show different elements of showcasing products. The photograph to the left shows the variety of interest you can create by mixing up sizes from the tall to the very small and delicate.

To the right the most simplest of items the china swan with flowers and yet the use of a reflective surface and positioning high to the top of the page allows for a fabulous product reflection.

Anniversary Plate -Liverpool Liners
Product photograph of Liverpool Liners -175 th Anniversary Celebrations and commerative plates and mugs of such.

These came to us as aprt of a package of “thanks” for work we did with our sister company Carters Mounts who produced some very special picture mount assemblies to celebrate the arrival of The Three Queens into Liverpool. These items were part of a commercial package being offered to the general public to join in the celebrations and purchase a lasting momento.

Ceramic Still Life Product Photography against a white background or a dark background.

product shot of a ceramic white vase
Printed ceramic vase photographed against a white background
product shot of a ceramic vase against a dark background
The same printed ceramic vase but this time photographed against a black background.

The two product shots if the vase, pne black and one white show the major differences in visual presentation of the same item We know that white is the only option for the major ECommerce sites like Amazon but if the opportunity presents itself and the application is right the dark ground is very effective.