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Eric and the Christmas Reindeer with Santa

Super Special Imagery

At Carters Lakeland workshops Product Photography at Christmas time with all the Christmas decorations and fun snowmen and reindeers is super special.

With my own grandchildren across hundreds and thousands of miles the Christmas pictures of the antics of Eric (Santa’s snowman) and Rolf and Rachael ( Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeers children) often photographed with Santa and Harry ( Santa’s wingman ) have more personal meaning every wonderful year.

Carters product shot Christmas Snowman
Santa’s snowman with some of the Christmas baubles and hearts
Product photohraph of Christmas Santa and snowmen.
Product shot of Rudolph’s family getting ready together

This year of course we saw Little Red Reindeer join Eric and the reindeer children.

Little Red Reindeer is found by Eric
Little Red Reindeer is found by Eric
product photography of ceramic snowmen
Little Red Reindeer finds safety

I know our faithful readers have heard our Christmas story a number of times about Little Red Reindeer. Lost in the deep Winter snow with nightfall approaching Little Red Reindeer had nearly given up when Eric had stumbled upon him whilst returning from his daily walk . Eric to the rescue ! Little Red Reindeer and Eric feature in our product pictures.

Christmas Desires

So as you can see Christmas photography of products by Carters is as much about conveying the atmosphere, the desire of Christmas through product photography as anything else.

A wonderful Christmas background , super family pictures of the reindeer family. Perhaps we might even see the moment when Eric and Santa have to put there heads together to remember how many reindeers Santa has ! Oops

Carters Product Shot Christmas Santas Flying Lesson
Santas “Tally Ho” (Ho Ho Ho )
santa flying, eric and the reindeer
Santa practicing “Loop the Loop” !

We can do the same for your products , either single or groupings.

Christmas is a huge sales opportunity and now while things are uncertain it would be a good time to draw attention and create sales through Christmas Product Photography by Carters.

These photographs were taken before Social Distancing came in.

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