Collectable Product Photographs

Beautiful, decorated paperweight products by Royal Crown Derby photographed against a white background often with a reflective surface to add a touch of class.

carters product photography decorated badger
Royal Crown Derby Decorated Badger paperweight
Royal Crown Derby Goldfinch
Royal Crown Derby Goldfinch
royal crown derby decorated duck
Royal Crown Derby decorated duck
Royal Crown Derby -Royal Baby Rocking Horse
Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition “”Royal Baby Rocking Horse”
Studio still life photography of “collectables” against a white studio background is one of the great pleasures of this type of studio work

Many more products in our Lake District photo studio are photographed in a “Life Style” format rendering images in context.  Telephone 015395 32815 or 077 9596 4234 if you have or require products to be photographed in a similar way .

Wren on a branch is one of a set of native common garden birds sculpted in minute details so the camera  has to capture every nuance of the stance.  Tethered captured against white at Manor. Attractive wooden base reflected in a polished surface.

“Collectables Wren on a branch with polished base.
Product shot of a bird bath[Carters
Two doves wait patiently above a stone bird bath surrounded by garden flowers