Product photography..

Product photography by Carters is based in the North West of England. Carters create images for customers to persuade and promote on line sales. We offer cost effective bespoke packages that can be used for Amazon, Google, Etsy for individuals and company website sales.

Main Product Photography Groups

White cups and vase
Two white cups and vase
brown leather brogue shoe
Brown leather brogue.
product photograph of collectables  wren
Decorative Collectables

or these product groups..

Little Red Reindeer is found by Eric
Little Red Reindeer is found by Eric
Spot the fluffy toy
Spot and friends creating mischeive
Plastic Cycle Helmet

We specialise in ceramics and leather..

Three ceramic items photographed against white by Carters
Ceramic Elegance
Product photograph of Strawberry Floral vases
Wedgewood and other bone china pieces- group shot
China vase with cups
China vase with cups

Carters try and make everyday products look special. Options are available to photograph to a plain white background or stylised with props to fit a your particular company style theme.

Everything we do is bespoke. In other words, all we do is unique to you and your company almost as much as the products you sell. Absolutely front and centre we strive to do the best we can for you.

If you would like to use Carters for your product photography please make contact on
015395 32815 or text 0779596 4234 or EM
and together we can identify the likely costs involved before any work takes place.

China teapot with cups
Lavendar teapot and cups

Shooting Notes

With a variety of projects always at hand the technical difficulties of capturing ” surface ” variations becomes key. The depiction of a bright glossy surface of a ceramic and a flat furry surface of a soft toy requires different lighting techniques.

The essential requirment is still light but how we use it or modify it to accomodate a changing surface is the question.

As you will read in “shooting notes” on cups and snowmen, ceramic shooting often involves a precise reduction of very small elements of the overall light. Eventually this contrived totality represents a reduction of the whole.light.

With soft toys there is often less need to consider the reduction of light by small precise increments. It’s more about a concentration on achieving a working light that is sympathetic to the subject.. We are after the “aahhhh” factor.

A Serious Purpose

All in all it’s great fun. There may appear to be an air of flippancy within some of the following pages. How can you get excited about ceramic teapots or snowmen ? Ignoring that deep involvement though , the attachment if you like misses the point. Its that very involveent that lets Carters into a world of absolute focus on the tiniest detail of the things that make the product.

Through all our countless sessions of ceramic photography nothing creates as much as of a “rush” as fine china.

Perhaps we’ve spent too long sealed into our studio/workshop walls often late at night but that is what we do. Carters essentially photograph ceramics.

Photographing soft toys though is also a special pleasure. We have three very young children within our extended families spread worldwide. As a treat their presents get the studio “picture gaze” often before see if there is a shot.. In the past presents have had to bought again where grandad has realised getting toys “back in” can mess them up !