How it Works

Contact number is 015395 32815 or 07795 964234 48hr turnround

Quick turnround times are possible if you need them. All we ask: 1. is for you to confirm your order by e mail. 2. Send the products to our “goods in” 3. Talk to David exactly what is required during there transit. 4. David set up shoots based on 3 . Client approval leads to final shoot. 5. Edits 6 Payment and final transfer of images to client.

We could come to you.

Where a client has big items that are heavy, and this mainly applies to industrial applications, then it is possible to come to site. This does incur additional costs of travel and time but does work where as I say heavy items are in play.

Summer teapot and cups
Summer teapot and cups

If I may though you would have to make sure that the parcel was properly wrapped to prevent damage in transit. Insurance would be something to consider.

We are in the Lakes

The good thing of course is that the studio/ workshop is located in the Lake District so there is plenty to do away from our premises. With the use of a laptop it would be possible to see the first test shots and make adjustments from there. Rarely do we have a problem and a a reasonable turn round time can work wonders.

Once everything is completed and approved final images are double backed up and normally a copy memory stick is returned with the photographed products back to the owner

7 days a week we shoot

We are open for business so please just call 015395 32815 or mobile text 07795964234 and between us we’ll work something out which will as I said “get the job done”

product photograph of a decorated teapot
Ceramic Teapot and Jug from above
product photograph of three decorated bowls
Ceramic Bowls -Summer shot from above

Check our daily Twitter feed at to see what we are up to or for lots of images by Carters try

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