Leather Boots

Contact number is 015395 32815 or 07795 964234 48hr turnround

Carters Product Photography make images of Leather Boots for web site sales.

Product photograph of leather boots
“H’s” very expensive leather boots..
Carters Product shot of motorcycle boots
Product shot-motorcycle boots

We photograph different types of boots. Very expensive riding boots, very expensive motorcycling boots. We even photographed 38 year old battered mountain boots who needed a polish .. Although who puts polish on a pair of foot moulded slippers ?

Mountain Boots -Carters Product Photography
David Carter’s mountain boots

If you are interested in your boot or your shoe collections being photographed please call/text David Carter on 07795964234 or 015395 32815 for rates and inbound protocols.

Shooting Notes-Leather Boots

Unlike snowmen or tiny reindeer that we’ve told you about before there were no issues of these boots talking a walk “off set”. Although we did have issues of cleanliness !

The mountain boots point blank refused to get cleaned up so were photographed “au natural”. They’d spent there life climbing in the Lake District mountains. They thrived in wind, rain and deep snow, Summer and Winter so they were toughies… mmm No way where they going to be pristine smart.

On the other hand “H”‘s boots went for the full clean up, the full works. This of course is a really very serious issue if you make product photography a living. No matter if your client delivers less than absolutely perfect items to photograph this is not what they expect to get back.

We’ve told you about lighting set up’s , the brightness, the clarity . The camera’s we use create sharp ( we hope) bright images. In some cases these could be blown up to bill board size. So what you might see on say a web page is different than in real life. These camera’s will pick up any stray dust, tiny hairs from Lizzie the yearling, bits of Langdale Pike mud and indeed any other studio creepy crawly that decides it’s last resting place is on David’s leather product shoot.

So the impassioned plea is for clean product please .. unless of course its high level mountain boots halfway up Scafell Pike !..

More images on Pinterest…https://www.pinterest.co.uk/davidc8282/ covering all categories of interest.