Metal Images

Product Still Life Photograph of Hex Nuts and coach screws.
Product Still Life Photograph of Hex Bolts and Nuts with Coach screws.
Product Photography of metal Hex screws and bolts.
Studio Still Life Photography of Nuts and Bolts

Carters Photograph Still Life assemblies of metal objects. These images take the ordinary metal visually into a different sphere. How many of us see coach screws of Hex Bolts and Nuts around us in our daily lives.

Detail of a 50mm Hex Nut and Bolt
Detail of a 50mm Bolt with Hex Nut and a coach screw ( centre) photographed in camera against white and on a reflective surface. . The photographs show the beautiful structure and detail of such simple objects.

Still Life Product Shot of a metal Fudge Tin
Delightful Metal Christmas Tin with a decorative printed featuring dogs

Still Life Photograph of metal screws and china plate
“Pheasant Shoot” was the original title where the coach screws represented the guns of a country shoot and the pheasant on the cup and the saucer the target

If you are interested in still life photography of metal objects for industry or DIY sale use please contact David Carter on 015395 32815. These images by there very nature of use on the web are perhaps not as defined as one might expect the original work.