Ceramic Cups

Contact number is 015395 32815 or 07795 964234 48hr turnround

Carters specialise in product photography of ceramic cups in various shapes, sizes and manufacturer. Products can be photographed as singles and sets. Davids contact number is 07795964234

Colclough ceramic cups
Colclough fine china and Swans
Crown Derby ceramic cups
Decorated china cup, saucer and plate
ceramic floral cup
Beautiful Floral Cup against White
Product photograph of two Wedgewood Cups
Two Wedgewood Cups photographed against white.
Wedgewood cups
Bone china tea service
Teapot and four cups and saucers on a honeysuckle tablecloth
Wedgewood ceramic cups
Wedgewood Cups on a reflective surface

Perhaps you have collections of ceramic cups ,teapots, fine china and any other ceramic that need recording through product photography?

In that instance please call or text David on 07795964234 outside hours and weekends or 015395 32815 during normal daylight hours.

Photograph of Ceramic Bell and cup
Bone China

it’s just a passing thought:

because there is something about the form , the line and the permanence of the colour in ceramic cups that excites and invites the customer to purchase.

In that regard photographed well the visual image of a ceramic cup can be a “winner of persuasion” to complete the purchase. As a result that visual impression should strive to re create the tactile nature of the cup.

It is so important to capture the feel of the cup, which  is really important and of course at the end of the day there is that ultimate reward of a fine cup of tea. Wow1

More images on Pinterest…https://www.pinterest.co.uk/davidc8282/ covering all categories of interest.

Shooting Notes:

One of the great joys of shooting ceramic images is the complexity . In other words can you bring an object into a bright airy studio shine very bright studio flash lights in its general direction and expect the perfect picture.. ?

Well you can but it’s a slow build up. With plenty of light at your disposal the first job is to reduce it and bring it under control. Then with a series of placements , some invisible that the viewer will never see, block parts of the light out until eventually highlights , those little bright spots on a shiny surface are minimised.

Then and only then can you take the photograph.

Daily Twitter Updates

If you are curious , or interested in what we do there is a daily Twitter feed update around 8:30 am https://twitter.com/CartersProduct/ which usually deals with images taken in the last couple of days.