Carters specialise in product photography of ceramic cups in various shapes, sizes and colours. Photographed as singles or sets. Click to enlarge. Davids contact number is 07795964234

photography of ceramic cup, saucer and plate
Decorated china cup, saucer and plate
Port Merion mug and box
Port Merion mug and decorative box

China Tea pot and four cups and saucers
Teapot and four cups and saucers on a honeysuckle tablecloth
fine-china-pheasant design cup
Fine china cup

In these Covid times this type of subject with it’s delicate nature does have issues in becoming inbound to the studio workshop for photography.

Our other business ships and receives product every day so please feel free to call if we can be of help.

If you have collections of teacups ,teapots, fine china or any other ceramic that needs recording through product photography please call or text David on 07795964234 outside hours and weekends or 015395 32815 during normal daylight hours.

it’s just a passing thought but there is something about the form , the line and the permanence of the colour in ceramics that excites and invites the customer to purchase. Photographed well the visual image can be a “winner of persuasion” to complete the purchase. Try Carter’s. #cartersproductphotography #cartersshootceramics