Product photograph of teapot against a dark background
Product shot of three ceramic items on a reflective surface.

07795964234 is the number that may be of use should you have ceramics that need product photography. Carters enjoy and delight in creating commercial ceramic product photography.

Three ceramic cups against a dark background
“Mixed Fruit” with ceramic jug.

Product photograph of a Green Vase and Colclough cup
Ceramic Wedgewood, Colclough and handmade Grecian Urn against a green ground.
Teapot and Cups
“Waiting to Brew”

Ceramic images can also be placed in “atmospheric” set ups whilst still showcasing product to the consumer.

Product photograph floral beaker and mouse
Ceramic Jugs and Cups
Strawberry folral vase photograph
Bone China Group
Product photograph light and dark ceramic items
Light and Dark and reflection

Product can be photographed against a white background or a more subtle variation ogf grey.

There are two other page sections you can visit on this site for ceramics. One for ceramic cups and one for teapots. If you type Carters Product Photography -Images into your web browser there will be an explosion of such for you to see..

If you have ceramic products that need quality photography quickly please text/call 07795964234 or during weeday daylight hours 015395 32815 David Carter