When we get asked to do product photography of leather items it creates huge excitment in our Lake District studio.

We never know what the inbound courier is going to deliver.

product photograph of brown knee lenght boots
Knee length boots photographed against white.
Product photograph of Carters leather briefcase
Carters battered working briefcase

Will it be a beautiful pair of knee length boots from Carvela or a precious handbag from Radleys or a battered working briefcase that contains the Meinster “mindmaps” and pricing details of future projects.?

We just never know. From the day the client rings and says .. “can you ..” to the day when we receive its professional excitement all the way. Wow !

Take this one ( shown left) A interesting project for the Bad Wallets company and Fred Lawless. Carters produced “wallet images ” for their Amazon and EBay E Commerce sites.

internal photograph of a leather wallet
Dark Tan wallet showing internal card holdings

In these COVID times we would suggest that we have to try and work with clients at a “distance”.

We can if needed collect and courier (UK) back product for photography for a small additional cost.

We will clean the product , photograph at a number of angles as required to your brief , submit for approval , final shoot and post process and return.

If you have a leather product range that needs photographing please contact the studio/ workshop on 015395 32815 or davidcarterunit2@gmail.com.

If it’s urgent or at the weekend then please contact 07796954234

Daily Twitter Updates

If you are curious , or interested in what we do there is a daily Twitter feed update around 8:30 am https://twitter.com/CartersProduct/ which usually deals with images taken in the last couple of days.

Linked in will give you substantial information on both Carters companies and insights into the way we think.