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Carters product photography of metal “products” is often done with studio flash photography and a focus stack technique for precision sharpness.

Product photograph of 2 Metal Flower candelstick Holders
Decorative metal flowers

The photography of metal objects can be functional ( a spanner) and sometimes organised and decorative.

Spanner and Bolts on a reflective surface

The purpose remains the same to show the object in the best possible informative light.

blak and decker industrial sander
Industrial metal

Carters also photograph metal items that are fuctional very useful and everyday.

Metal Guitar Tuner

015395 32815 or call/text 07795964234 or EM:

If you are interested in having metal objects photographed contact David Carter.

Finally ..Where do the ideas come from?

When your objects arrive any visual clues you can give us , how you would like them photographed helps enormously.

A written brief, a mood board of things you have seen or even ideas on a coaster or the back of an envelope. It all helps.

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