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Carters product photography of wood items tries to bring out the colour, the grain and the line and form or worked wood.

product photography of wood-fruit-real-fruit-jug
Wooden Fruit with real fruit and jug.
Product photography of wood natural and turned products with owl
Owls appreciate Wood
Product Photograph of a Turned Wooden Toadstool
Turned wooden toadstoal

By contrast we can see wood in it’s natural form , in this case a sycamore log , played off against a turned toadstool , polished and bright . The interplay between the ladybird, the mouse and the owl on the log creating interest.

A more detailed product photograph of items of turned wood on a reflective surface highlighting the simplicity of turned shape, line and product form.

Wooden fruit box -product shot by Carter
New Zealand decorated fruit box
Product Photograph of Wooden Clock
“The Movement of Time and Ashes of Dreams”

If you need product photography of wood be it small turned items, natural wood assemblies or small furniture please call David Carter on 015395 32815 or e mail davidcarterunit2@gmail.com for day rates and details.

Product photography of wood fruit with Ceramic Cups
Wooden Fruit with Ceramic Cups
product photograph of a wren on a branch
Wood in use and as a style backdrop

The last two product images we show are the possibilities of placing almost the extremes of product groupings together. Particularly useful if you have a retail outlet that carries wide ranges of domestic and decorative items.

To the left we’ve placed hard edged ceramic cups and a jug against the soft round turned wood shapes of polished wood.

To the right product contrast of natural sycamore with textured bark and definitive colour placed against a highly polished wooden placeholder providing the perfect mounting option for a highly collectable depiction of a garden bird – the wren.