Product Photography of Ceramic Cups

Carters specialise in product photography of ceramic cups in various shapes, sizes and colours. Photographed as singles or sets. Click to enlarge. Davids contact number is 015395 32815

photography of ceramic cup, saucer and plate
Decorated china cup, saucer and plate
photography of two ceramic cups and saucers on a tablecloth
Two cups on a tablecloth
Port Merion mug and box
Port Merion mug and decorative box

Meta,l, ceramic and paper still life.
“Life Returns”
fine-china-pheasant design cup
Fine china cup

Photography of ceramic cups is one of the many aspects of Carters Product Photography that they specialise in.

There is something about the form , the line and the permanence of the colour in ceramics that excites and invites the customer to purchase. Photographed well the visual image can be a “winner of persuasion” to complete the purchase. Try Carter’s.