“Plastic” Product Photography

Photographing plastic in this sense covering a wide range of man made materials that are used for such diverse purposes as cycling helmets, plastic kitchen items through to plastic ornamental horse groups.

Plastic Giro Cycle Helmet
Tarmac “landings”.. need these !
Plastic Horses against a white background
“Is this the way mum?”

Horse Images and Carters

One of the great loves of our lives at Manor are the horses. Moss and Mayflower. Mayflower is the beautiful two year old and Moss the middle aged gelding whose “presence” shines a light into any ring that he may perform in.

Product Photograph of three plastic horses in the sun
Lazy Horse Days …
front cover of a racecourse folder

We show on this page product photographs of the endless supply of plastic and ceramic horses of all different shapes and sizes which my partner’s children have collected or have made as gifts to their mum. The camera , close and controlled takes them to a different level o show power and confirmation

Plastic Horse -Roan
Simple plastic horse made to look magnificent
Plastic Horse Group
The same horse joined by smaller group members

These photographs which will sell your products lend themselves to purchases that will sit as loved memories for many years

These two images take a simple product ( a plastic horse) and transform them into something else. Carters 015395 32815 or