Who are Carters ?

Contact number is 015395 32815 or 07795 964234 48hr turnround

Carters provide product photography in Cumbria and the North West of England. Services are provided to business to business or individuals with E Commerce web sites who are interested in selling product 24hrs a day.

Dark teapot with floating swans
Dark decorated teapot

Carters provide services for auction houses, museums or private collectors who need a visual “record” of particular item(s) .

Insurance, value or rarity ( historical significance) are the main reasons why Carters are used..

Carter- A Proven “Specialist”

David Carter owns Carters Product Photography and its parent company Carters Mounts. Carters started in 1982 and have a blue chip customer list covering national sporting events and social activity. Both companies specialise within niche markets to enable a level of dedicated professional expertise that might be more difficult to acheive where talent is spread thinly.

Ceramic Cup

Traditional Image Marques

The product photography market today is hugely oversubscribed with the absolute elite like Josh Caudwell and Jonathan Beer brilliantly concentrating on cosmetics, drink, appliances and watches. Years of hard won business experience and a blue chip customer list to die would point to Carters making there own market. That would be perhaps …the unfashionable yet brilliantly interesting areas of ceramics, leather, turned wood and soft toys

pair of leather boots by Carters
Pair of Leather Boots
Bone China Products

In the same way that Carters Mounts created it’s own “niche” to be best in class Carters Product Photography strives to do the same with a proven approach and a legendary capacity to work.

Carters concentrate on the functional, the useful, the beautiful, the everyday. Carters will photograph the things that make us breathless with excitement, the things that make us smile. These are the items we surround ourselves with.

Ceramic Vases

If you have product that you would wish to have photographed then call David Carter on 015395 32815 or text 07795 96 4234 or EMail: carj1gms@cartersmounts.co.uk

product photograph of a ceramic snowman called Eric
Eric the Snowman takes a Walk
Grey Elephant soft toy
Grey Phoo bound for New Zealand and Georgia

Twitter Daily

If you are really interested in seeing what we get up to follow the link to our twitter page and up to Christmas and see what antics Eric ( Santa’s snowman) and the reindeer children get up to.https://twitter.com/DavidCa26462570/

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