Product Photography of Leather

Product photography of leather products. In this case two very well worn leather items i.e my Lakeland mountain boots and my leather briefcase.

This battered case contains the “Meinster mindmaps”, the cost numbers as well as your ideas of the “now projects” and the future of our collective photography challenges.

Leather Mountain Boots -Carters Product Photography
David Carter’s mountain boots
Product photograph of Carters leather briefcase
Carters battered working briefcase

Carters photograph motorcycle boots , work boots, riding boots ,working boots of any type and variety for ECommerce.

Though these images may show ongoing default abuse but equally these are worn with pride and absolute affinity to precise perfection. Some of these are very much the equivalent in cost to very very good handbags.

In a similar fashion an interesting project for the Bad Wallets company. Carters produced “wallet images ” for their Amazon and EBay E Commerce sites.

internal photograph of a leather wallet
Dark Tan wallet showing internal card holdings
Leather motorcycle boots
Product shot-motorcycle boots
Carters Prleather  motorcycle GLOVES
Worn motorcycle gloves

Actually motorcycle gloves are an essential piece of kit to prevent hand damage in the event of a fall.

To illustrate our image shows two of the key features of the gloves. Hard carbon knuckle protectors and re inforced fingers with double protection at the tips .

If you have a leather product range that needs photographing please contact the studio/ workshop on 015395 32815 or Leather product photography against white or contextual “in style” is possible.

Daily Twitter Updates

If you are curious , or interested in what we do there is a daily Twiiter feed update around 8:30 am which usually deals with images taken in the last couple of days.