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Product Photography -Toys

This section starts with an image of a pink elephant with one ear. Given to my daughter over 30 years ago.

Product shot -pink elephant soft toy
Carters working partner..

This little elephant sits high above my working spaces as a constant reminder of my daughter in New Zealand who now has a tiny daughter of her own.

We also photograph tractors and dinasours for our young men, nobody gets left out

Product Shot of a Jelly cat toy
“Waiting for Georgia”
Still Life photograph of a soft toy dog with spots
Spotty Dog at rest having broken a Christmas dec

We will photograph Your Soft Toys

If you have soft toy products like Elley the one eared pink elephant, Jellycat goats or soft warm blankets or knitware for the little people ofour lives then please contact David Carter.

We will photograph anything that my three little people could safely play with .